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  5. Installing Windows 10 on MacPro3,1 (Mac Pro Early 2008).
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Version 4. One more problem, Bluetooth. This is particularly odd since it shows up in Windows 7 properly. Thanks for a great article!

Perfect step by step instructions. Hi Christopher, firstly, the install works perfectly. In fact, I recommend today installing Windows onto a second drive anyways… skip the boot camp partitioning and just dedicate the drive to Windows. Those firmware updates impact performance in other operating systems, like Windows.

They can only be installed from inside OS X. Since writing this article, newer Realtek audio drivers have been released. Works great in macOS, but I am getting periodic crashes in Windows. Still diagnosing — the only pain-point I can find is that the PCIe link is reporting 8x, despite being in Slot 1 x16 , even when stress-tested. Just after posting this, I totally forgot that Microsoft noted that Version has a known UEFI bug with all Mac models, and can only be installed by updating from Anniversary Update.

Ironically the top item on my blog currently: Have you installed it in EFI mode again?

How to install Windows 10 in Boot Camp on unsupported Macs

Have not tried in EFI mode again. Linux, same deal. I hate to think how long it would have taken me to fix the audio issue without this. See https: Hello i have a mac pro early with OSX Yosemite The latest Boot Camp should do the conversion of the latest Windows 10 properly. Then burn that image to disc, and try it in the Mac Pro. For CSM booting, that should do the trick. I have a Mac Pro 3,1 early and I followed your instructions on how to install Windows 10 and it works. What am I missing?

First try zapping the PRAM.

2008 Mac Pro 3,1 not compatible with BootCamp 5 / Windows 8?

Hold Command-Option-P-R when booting. After you removed all other disks the MacPro4,1 will not directly freeze after choosing EFI Boot on the installer stick. You will have to create it like mentioned before here to force an EFI boot of the installer. There will then be a progress bar loading files but unfortunately you will get stuck on a black screen in a few seconds To be finally able to load setup you need to flash MacPro4,1 firmware to MacPro5,1 firmware.

But you will still have a different version after the upgrade flash. Apple does not seem to take great care about correct versioning with EFI standards as I understood from Rod Smith's comment here. Install bootcamp drivers and enjoy AHCI without patches. Be sure to strip the bootmgr files from the installer disc or stick. Bootrom MP B07 EFI 1.

Boot Camp (software) - Wikipedia

B03 EFI 1. B08 you could first try to continue without upgrading.

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Downgrading should be possible as well, definitely possible to version MP Otherwise the flash will not perform. If patch is running successfully you can see a big grey loader bar and the apple logo. Optical drives will open.

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See here how to easily disable SIP. Booting then will show Windows logo but will go black w o signal when login screen should appear. The system will boot to login properly after only sec black screen without signal when using the DVI-I port instead. After successful login I could unplug and switch the port.

Did not have time to investigate further. How do this? Thanks to Pavel Urusov. I use the bootcamp version from apples website, version BootCamp5. See attached screenshot: I had some trouble getting Boot Camp 5 installed on my late MacBook A and with the help of this article and another article listed above in the comments, I was able to run BootCamp. Neither article contained the steps I needed to perform exactly, so hopefully this will help someone else out.

Here are the steps I took:. Navigate your cursor to the lower left corner of the screen and then select the search button magnifying glass icon.

Getting the 5,1 Mac Pro ready for macOS Mojave!

Assuming your USB drive is the D: Command Prompt:. That should be it, after entering the last prompt, BootCamp. Thanks for the tip. I was looking for someone who has experienced installing BootCamp 5 in older MacBook.

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I had a mid MacBook Pro with Windows 8. BootCamp 4 failed to run so I need to install BootCamp 5. I did something similar towhat you did, expect not using the registry hack. uses cookies.

After finishing the installation and restarted my computer, everything seems to work, including keyboard backlight and function key onscreen display. Keep em coming! Someone out there is still looking for answers. Thank you! I went as far as using Winclone to manually clone a working Windows 8.

Just open cmd. Except I just right-clicked on the Windows 8. I updated, downloaded Boot Camp, installed Windows 8 Pro…and then was hit with this: Sorry — wut?